A Superior
Service for an

Improved Citizen &
Employee Experience

Consolidate the digital transformation as a state policy


A superior Service for an improved citizen and employee experience

Our objective is to consolidate the digital transformation as a state policy, where the strategic use of technologies is a permanent task to respond to citizen needs in an innovative way with the best quality and safety standards. Digital transformation enables organizations to offer a better customer experience while working more efficiently and cost-effectively.


The so-called “fourth industrial revolution” brings a radical change in the execution of processes, production and delivery of products and services, forcing institutions to adapt to the needs of people with technologies that are available at an ever-lower cost.

Service Management

Digital platforms concentrate on maximizing end-to-end customers' experience, internal and external, optimizing each interaction. Throughout all service areas, digital platforms promote self-service

User-centered Design ​

Iterative design process in which we focus on the users and their needs in each phase of the design process. UCD calls for involving users throughout the design process via a variety of research and design techniques to create highly usable and accessible systems and products.

Agile Development

As user's needs grow, the use of Agile and DevSecOps methods deliver enhanced capabilities faster. Integrating technological and business resources ensures the maximum impact of technology.

Advanced Analytics

Digitization helps to gather information from various areas of the government, and that information can be used for advanced analytics and, in turn, forecast future patterns.


Holistic security protocols allow process automation and the rapid speed of potential new capabilities. Micro-segmentation of security issues guarantees secure digital services.

Hybrid It Environment

Digital focuses on creating end-to-end superior service experience. By incorporating both legacy and modern technologies, it is made possible. For service delivery, the automation of processes combines them.

At 1DTS, we are committed to being a
catalyst for Digital Transformation

We are not only creating suitable digital tools for the public and private sector but also promoting a culture, innovation, and digital strategy based on the transformation of people and their way of perceiving the opportunities of the environment.

Innovating through digital tools has become a key part of our business model, which allows us to improve the customer experience, be more efficient in our internal operations, generate new sources of income and respond quickly to customers.
market changes.