Make Security a
Central Component of

Software Development

Automate to free up resources for Mission


DevSecOps is a collection of methodologies people, processes, and tools that allow teams to produce quicker, more secure code. It enables cross-team collaboration designed to promote the automation of software development and reduce implementation costs.

WHY DevSecOps?

Organizations that wish to pull together IT processes, security teams, and application developers need to incorporate security into their DevOps pipelines. The goal is to make security a central component of the software development workflow, rather than retrofitting it later in the cycle.


DevOps is all about execution volume, and it does not have to be sacrificed simply because you add security to the mix.


By using tools that can scan code as
you write it, you identify security
issues early.

Threat Modeling

Threat simulation exercises will help you uncover the weaknesses and plug any holes in protection controls.

Achieve Market Effectiveness​

To achieve market effectiveness, both now and in the future, it is important to optimize the return on current software investment when innovating and introducing new technology.